About Aluxo Home Team

Aluxo Home Team is a different kind of real estate company. 

Learn more about who we are and what makes the Aluxo Home Team experience so different.

Aluxo Home Team is a different kind of real estate company. Our goal is simple:

We help home buyers make smart, confident decisions and avoid the complexity and hidden costs of a regular home purchase.

So what makes Aluxo Home Team different?

We focus on buyers

We know how it feels to be a buyer today. Many buyers feel that buying a home puts all the work on them. More are frustrated by the wild west self-service marketplaces for homes, mortgages, insurance, warranties and more. The market changes daily and competition for the right home can be fierce. It seems like you can get more help ordering dinner than you do buying a home. 

We get it. Finding and purchasing the perfect home is complicated. Managing all the parties in the home buying process is challenging. And at the end of the day, many buyers still have questions and need help down the road.

Aluxo Home Team was built by home buyers to help home buyers. We built the company from the ground up to be really good at the things buyers need - before, during and after the sale.

We know this is your story

At the Aluxo Home Team, we put our team at your disposal to get you the perfect home. But we know this journey isn't about us - it is all about you and what you need. This is your turn to shine. 

Even experienced home buyers have questions about making a home purchase today. "What am I getting myself into?" "How do I get this all done?" "How do I avoid making mistakes that will cost me down the road?" "Can I really make this happen?"

Aluxo Home Team members are your knowledgeable, professional guides throughout the journey. Our job is to turn a complicated, sometimes overwhelming process into a great experience you'll tell your friends about.

To do that, we give all our buyers a process and a promise.

We have a great home buying process

Aluxo Home Team has a proven, step-by-step process for finding and buying a home. It starts with a cup of coffee and a conversation. 

Once we get started, we will introduce you to our team of experienced professionals to help you at every step. As your guides, we can help you anticipate and address any challenges along the way. We will stand behind you in the negotiations, and act like every dollar on the table is our own.

And we will keep you fully informed throughout.

We make you a promise - actually, 5 promises

As a home buyer with the Aluxo Home Team, you get our Five Point Promise:

1. Aluxo Smart Search - You will get access to Aluxo Smart Search, which saves you hours of time and ensures you know exactly what's available to see and explore.

2. Free 77 Point Home Inspection - When you find the right home to buy, Aluxo Home Team will pay for a 77 point home inspection so you know exactly what is going on with the property.

3. Certified Negotiators - You will know that everyone who negotiates on your behalf on the Aluxo Home Team is a certified negotiator who will treat your money like their own. Period. That's one we don't negotiate.

4. Comprehensive Home Warranty - To ensure peace of mind down the road, when you buy a house with Aluxo Home Team, you will receive a home warranty for the purchase.

5. Support After The Sale - Need a gardener? Want a copy of your title report? Looking for a reliable painter and carpet company? Every buyer has questions after the move in. As an Aluxo Home Team buyer, you will have access to our team and our list of preferred service providers in your area for as long as you own your home.

In short

We help home buyers make smart, confident decisions and avoid the complexity and hidden costs of a regular home purchase.

Nobody should have to navigate the home buying process alone.

Aluxo Home Team - find your way home.

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